Agile Software Development Company

Our name says it all. We are the premier web development NJ and Web application NY services firm—offering our services to customer around the New York City and New Jersey areas. Our goal is to provide the very best graphic, web design and web development services for businesses and individuals.

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Simple and Professional

We provide IT in management, development, applications and systems. Our services cover everything from analysis, design, architecture and development to testing and management of the solution over time.You get expertise, flexibility and sober prices – tailored to your finances, ambition and workload.

Software Engineering Services

Advice and Assistance
Design Quality User Interface
Application Architecture, Data Model Design
Documentation and User Training
Software Maintenance

Custom Solutions

Design Costume Databases
Programming and Databases
Development of Web Applications
Creating Mobile Applications
Big Data (Hadoop)


PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, MSSQL
HTML, CSS, and Javascript
Ruby on Rails, Django, Angular, .Net
Ruby, PHP, Python, ASP, Java
Microsoft, Linux, Mac


We design and build scalable solutions based on technology Microsoft .NET
The application of technologies .NET allows the development of software solutions for Internet and for corporate intranets and for client / server environments. On Microsoft activity it is mainly focused on the products of server platform (SQL Server, Exchange Server, SharePoint) and the .NET framework.

  • Clients receive superior service and full commitment from the project team.
  • High performance solutions due to complied code and caching functions.
  • Easy configuration and deployment.


Thanks to choice of technology, APPCOTEK enables its customers to take advantage of high-tech services, without having to equip the IT structure necessary for the use of such services.

This technological resource allows Customers to work their applications and their solutions in Cloud, from anywhere in the world and released from the platform use, whether that Desktop Mobile.
the Cloud APPCOTEK solution also elevates the level of data security, which are kept behind robust solutions firewall and protected from hardware failures.